The Journey – How We Work

We use a 3 step plan when working with you. This keeps the process concise and on point.


  • This entails us reviewing your current business systems
  • How you build and market your business
  • How you engage and acquire new and repeat customers
  • How you measure customer engagement and track / eliminate blocks and missed opportunities.
  • We speak with key stakeholders to ensure we have a rounded understanding


  • Draw up a plan detailing action, milestones and targets
  • Agree what and how requirements and targets will be measured
  • Agree timelines for implementation of identified and agreed changes
  • Agree who is responsible for each action / milestone in the plan


  • Implementation of agreed tools
  • Setup of relevant monitoring and tracking software
  • Implementing any new processes
  • Regular monitoring of the plan and adjusting where needed

We can undertake all 3 steps or, as we have with some clients, steps 1 and 2 where you have inhouse capability for the implementation piece.